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Free Trance Leads

Blckbxxx | 1:44 AM | 5 kommentarer

An excellent starting point for your next composition! 

image On this page you can download free trance leads. I make them available as FL studio score (.fsc) files. You can simply load them into your Piano Roll via File | Open score… in the Piano Roll options menu. They are free and you can use and manipulate them in any way you like.

I often wonder, what is the secret of a good uplifting, melodic trance lead. What strikes me is that they are often quite simple arrangements (including arpeggiated chords). A few notes here and there, played with the right pitch and at the right time, can really invoke this euphoric feeling (at least in the trance I like). Anyway, I hope to contribute a bit with making some arrangements available. I am not claiming they are all great, but what counts is that I like them ;)

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Free Trance Leads #1

Two variations based on a Dmin chord. To listen, use the player below.


To download the two leads, use the links below:

Lead 01 Dmin.fsc
Lead 02 Dmin.fsc

Free Trance Leads #2

Another lead based on a Dmin chord. To listen, use the player below.


To download the lead, use the link below:

Lead 01 Dmin.fsc

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5 kommentarer

  1. muchas grasias.........

  2. Jeimuzu22 says:

    where can I get some decent trance synth plugins like this?

  3. Blckbxxx says:

    I made the leads on this page primarily with ReFX Nexus and Vanguard. Another popular plugin is Z3ta. They come with loads of cool presets.

    I haven't really used ImageLine's Sytrus plugin yet, but it has some good trance presets as well.

  4. Was wondering what the setting are for lead 01 in Nexus, and Vanguard as I have these two VSTi's in the studio, and would like a bash at created a sound that sounds simolar to lead 01.