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Upcoming: Interview with Jon Krashenninikoff Skarin

Blckbxxx | 3:17 AM | 1 kommentarer

Jon Krashenninikoff Skarin is a 25 year old electronic music composer from Denmark who creates enchanting, mesmerizing songs, blending a variety of styles such as dance, new age, classical, celtic/irish. He has no albums out (yet), but wherever you come across his music online, listeners posted reviews that leave no doubt as to what they think of Jon’s music.

  • I'm amazed! What a talent...
  • Jon, this is beautiful…
  • Love at first sight…
  • Music soundtrack stuff! Beautiful composition, develops nicely, great piano playing.
  • This is great stuff! Mastering is awesome, sound are so clean!
  • This song makes me feel sad and happy at the same time - wonderful job!
  • Absolutely great track Jon!

To list a few…

These comments made us extremely curious, here at Forbidden Fruity! We are dying to know a bit more about this talented composer and his music, so we asked him for an interview. Come back soon to read it! Until then, listen to some of his compositions below:

The Battle of Aughrim 1691


My Sad Secrets

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