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What do Armin and 80 polish brides have in common?

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So I woke up in Poland and they asked me if I wanted to take ... on Twitpic

Armin van Buuren is on tour. Ibiza, Mykonos, Cyprus, Kazantip and…an outdoor gig in Poznan in Poland (22nd Of August). The morning after he was asked to be photographed with 80 polish brides for charity. This guy must be having a great time! Here at Forbidden Fruity we are contemplating how we can get Armin for an interview some day. It will not be easy. What would you choose, being the hero at a party with 80 gorgeous polish girls or being interviewed by a marginal (yet dedicated) blog about FL studio and stuff? ;) Sometimes, however, being small can be an advantage so maybe we should try anyway? Suggest your questions in the comments!


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