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Introducing FL Studio 9

Blckbxxx | 7:21 AM | 0 kommentarer

image Ok guys and girls, the eagle has landed. FL Studio 9 is out! Funny, I feel it is already old news. Just have a look on Twitter and you know what I mean. Despite that, it is worth while to spend a few words on this event - here on Forbidden Fruity. Pending a successful download (it is already my fifth attempt to get hold of the 180MB file), I’ve had a look at the ‘what’s new’ page on the official website (http://flstudio.image-line.com/documents/whatsnew.html). It looks like there are some really good improvements.

Without doubt, everything is a bit hyped right now  - hence the download issues.

Side stepping the hype for a moment, FL Studio 9 is not a revolution. Rather a welcome new version that will make our composing experience even smoother and nicer. It won’t make us better composers ;) Therefore, stay tuned for more FL Studio tutorials. Whether it is FL Studio version 8 or version 9, whether you are a beginner or already have a decent amount of experience, Forbidden Fruity is dedicated to help via a continuous supply of FL Studio tutorials & more.

Share your experiences with FL Studio 9 (post some comments to this article)!


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