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10 Cool FL Studio Tricks You Aren’t Using

Blckbxxx | 8:35 AM | 64 kommentarer

image FL Studio keeps amazing me. It’s an intuitive, easy to use DAW. But even after years of using it, I keep discovering neat and cool features that make things even easier! In this article I’ve collected some of the most useful features pertaining to the general interface (so not those related to specific plugins). You may know some of them already, but I hope that there’s something in the list for everyone. I could easily have written ‘100 Cool FL Studio Tricks You Aren’t Using’, but that is not really practical (apart from the fact that the sun is shining today and that I want to go for a walk). If you have some tips/tricks to share then do not hesitate to drop me a comment. I will definitely keep posting about these often overseen features that make life easier once you master them.

Ghost Channels

If you check the Ghost channels option in the Piano roll options menu, you will see the (greyed out) patterns from other channels that are in the same track. I find this especially useful when programming chord progressions using a specific scale as well as programming leads over a chord progression.




For example, if I load/program a scale in one channel (reFX Nexus)…




…open the Piano Roll for my second channel (reFX Nexus #2)…




…and then select Helpers | Ghost channels in the Piano roll options menu, the Piano Roll view will be like this:




In other words, I can now ‘draw’ my pattern on top of the greyed out note events. In this way I know I stick to the notes that are ‘allowed’.

Adjusting note events

You can quickly adjust the horizontal position of your note event by moving the mouse pointer close to a note event and then using SHIFT + scroll wheel (or mouse wheel).



Likewise, by using ALT + scroll wheel you can adjust the currently selected note property (like velocity, panning, etc.).




Note that you can apply the same to a selection of note events.

Rescaling scores

You can rescale a score by selecting the pattern in the Piano Roll and resizing while holding down the SHIFT key.



This is an excellent trick for making a recorded score fit .

Using color groups

You can assign a color group/MIDI channel to note events. Once you have done this you can easily select all notes with a certain color group/MIDI channel.

First, select the note events you want to assign a color group:




Then, pick a color group:



Press ALT-C and the selected note events are assigned the color group you picked.



Now, to quickly select the note events with a given color group, select the color group (as shown above) and press SHIFT-C.



Just in case you wondered guys, CTRL-ALT-Z can be used for sequentially undoing multiple changes (CTRL-Z is only for undoing/redoing the last change).


Browser Snapshots

Open your favourite folder(s) in the Browser:




In the Current snapshot menu, select Frozen:




If you want you can rename the snapshot by right-clicking the snapshot name (Snap 1 in the screenshot) and entering a new name:




Now, regardless of the state of your Browser, if you press 1..5, the Browser shows the state assigned to that snapshot.

Selecting/deselecting note events

I am sure you know how to select note events. Using the Select tool you can simply draw a box around the notes you want to select or you can simply click a single note event to select it.

By holding down the SHIFT key while selecting you can add note events to your already selected note events.



To deselect (subtract) note events from a selection, simply click on a selected note event (the one that you want to remove from the selection) and start drawing your box – still holding down the SHIFT key.




Transposing a score

There are several methods that you can use to quickly transpose a score. The most obvious one is simply selecting the score (or the note events you want to transpose) and move them vertically.

To move an entire score up or down one semitone, use SHIFT + UpArrow/DownArrow. Using CTRL+UpArrow/DownArrow will transpose the score up or down by 1 octave.

Using Markers

To create a marker select a number of bars…




…press ALT-T (adds a marker to the beginning of the selected area) and enter the marker name:




To jump between markers, simply press ‘.’ (dot) on the numpad.




To jump between markers and select the bars between the selected marker and the next, use CTRL+’.’ (again on the numpad).






Trick #10

This one is still open. If you have a good tip/trick to share, drop me a comment.


FL Studio Tutorials - All fl studio tutorials are written by Marc Demar

64 kommentarer

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an epic list of tricks. There were at least 3 i had never heard of before! I have learned more from this blog then the 10 other forums I read!! Thanks!

  2. Blckbxxx says:

    Thx! I am glad you enjoy the blog!

  3. Anonymous says:

    whoaaaaaaaaaaa good lookin simple but awesome

  4. Blckbxxx says:

    Thanks for the great tip kivetros!


  5. No problem, mate. Glad to help.


  6. Han says:

    you can also do the scales thingie easily from the pianoroll, in the chords menu there are all kinds of scales (major minor pentatonic etc)

  7. Hi.. I am From Indonesia. This blog is my Favourite place to learn about FL. Thank's !

  8. Blckbxxx says:

    Glad you like it DJ Dubali Beatz!
    Cheers, Marc

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, great info!

  10. Anonymous says:

    the scale detection in the piano roll would be great for number ten, thats one of my favorite features that is not listed. great list man ive been using fruity for like seven years and you cant tell me shit about it but i have to admit there was two on there i didnt know about that are nice tricks to know

  11. Captain_E says:

    In the FPC, you can assign the individual sounds of the pads to a specific pad, button or key on a MIDI controller. Like for example you have a snare on a pad in the FPC, and you want one of the sampler pads on your Axiom 25 to trigger that snare, here's how:
    Click the pad you want assigned. Under MIDI Note, it has a little part that should say like c3 or something. Click that and select "Lrn" or "Learn" or "MIDI learn" depending on the version of FL Studio you're using. Then click the pad/button/key on your controller that you want to trigger that pads sound. TADA

  12. This is probably the best FL blog I've ever stumbled upon. Thank you soo much for the time and dedication put into this blog

  13. Anonymous says:

    well I feel like an idiot. I've been using FL for over a year now and I never knew about the markers on the playlist. I always thought that would be a great idea, so you could label your sections of the song. I didn't know it was already a feature! Thanks

  14. Blckbxxx says:

    Thanks for your positive feedback guys!!


  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    In FL 9 you used to be able to drag and scale a whole selection of notes - stretching it from one bar into to, or whatever. I can't see how to do this in FL 10 as it used to be shift click + drag. Does anyone know how to do this in FL 10?
    All the best

  17. Anonymous says:

    worked it out, a small circle appears to the right of your selection, you just drag that

  18. Base2 says:

    If you want to learn a whole lot real fast I suggest going to /projects/cool stuff and checking out every track, get under the bonnet and play with them. May not be your flavour but there is a welth of tricks and info there!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mate, awesome tip re:frozen browser state. That was driving me mad.

  20. Unknown says:

    Thanks a lot!
    Good looking out!

  21. William says:

    Great post, a lot of good detail on this blog! FL Studio always seems to find new ways to amaze me. Such a lightweight program that can do so many amazing things. I am a big fan of the shift and drag feature to quickly copy your previous notes in the piano roll to make the next chord or sequence.

  22. Thiren says:

    A small tips here.
    Go to TOOLS & select RIFF MACHINE. Some notes will dropped on piano roll. You can change the sound to piano/guitar or ect.. according to your wish. Or you can even click the THROW DICE button for the next notes.
    I used this when I got idea what to play.
    Hope this help for newbies.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Additional Trick for Ghost Channels:
    Click with Mouse Button 5 (yes you read right: FIVE) on an greyed out note to switch its respective Instrument!

    Mouse 4+5 are generally useful, play with them to switch patterns, instruments and select plugins. And buy a new mouse with 5 buttons ;D

  24. Anonymous says:

    Here's a good trick. Tools > Last Tweaked. Saves you loads of time sifting through the MIDI CC to find the right one.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  27. BeatMaker says:

    Great Post... I have free drumkits on my blog http://bestbeatmakerz.blogspot.com/

  28. Anonymous says:


    His kits sound like ass!
    They're worse than the fl studio preset sounds!

  29. Ideas for #10

    Select a channel (long vertical green bar), press Ctrl + C, select a different channel, Ctrl + V to paste entire pattern/piano roll contents. Great for layering instruments (otherwise you have to open the piano roll, select all, move to the other channel's piano roll, paste - and then you have to worry about accidentally pasting somewhere besides the beginning and having to move it all the way to the left). This way is easier - clean and simple. I'd used FL for a long time before discovering this.

    Another one could be how to re-enable pattern blocks. I know of two ways (one of which is not really pattern blocks but visually it's about the same). First way: options, general settings, enable legacy pattern blocks. Second way: ctrl + right-click anywhere in the playlist. It auto-shrinks all tracks and scales down horizontally as well, to where it looks just like small pattern blocks (except they're labeled and not tied down to each particular row). I don't use pattern blocks but this might be handy for those who do.

  30. Thanks for sharing the must know tricks of FL Studio.

  31. Unknown says:

    Re-sizing the piano to the window:
    Ctrl + scroll wheel up (Larger) or
    Ctrl + scroll wheel down (smaller)

  32. Marius says:

    omg USEFULL!!! specially that with the mouse button 5,cuz ive got one. ok heres for 10: for the track to sound like an ordinary song,and not a dry one,it needs THAT THING THAT YOU DONT KNOW...i mean that you need to MASTER it...for that you need:Soundgoodiser[half A] Parametric EQ 2,Maximus[the vital],Fruity Reverb[0.1s duration],an other Parametric EQ 2! after you configure all of those,your track will sound much greater,and your friends will change they think about you making music. Warning: this is only for the basic soundfont of the music,NOT FOR the kicks,snares,hihats,clashes,etc..NO! because for them you need to use Maximus and Parm. EQ2,separately,to see how it hears,so you can configure them.And the most important,you most know..its that you most KNOW AND LEARN THE "PROPORTIONS". I mean that the Kick will have -5db,the hihats mot not pass -8db,the soundfont[without bass] will be under kick[-5] and snare[-4]etc. this is important for you genre of music,you can chose you props,and save the project,then select"save as new version" so you can continue making music,but leaving the original template there. And remember: do not start an new project,unless youve finished the one youre working on,only if mother nature,gives you inspiration,on the toilet seat.Its an opinion...and i thik this is the mest for 10. And by the way: watch youtube tutorials about MASTERING! by bye

  33. Great tips my friend!

    Very good your site! Has some tips on FL Studio 11??
    Have tested the Alpha 12?

  34. Kevin says:

    how did u get that pattern list under the playlist in pic #16?

  35. Unknown says:

    Hello , I have a big problem , I cant open options windows with right click mouse, i use fl 10.what should i do? Please if someone can send me a mail ... thanks

  36. Gianni says:

    Hey Guys

    Great tips!
    I have a question.
    Is it possible to drag your mixer window (for example) outside the FL window? I'd like to drag it to a second screen. Anybody?

  37. Anonymous says:


    The method I use works for almost anything that has a window in FL. For example, open FL Keys. Look in the top left of the window that pops up when it loads and you should see a small triangle. Click on the triangle (its a drop down menu). Near the bottom select "Detached" and you should now be able to move that FL Keys window anywhere you want even outside of the normal FL Studio window you normally work with!!! like I said this trick works most of the time but not sure of all of the time.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I have sort of heard of all and using most of them so the title is a bit misleading hehe. Nice ones though! I want to know how to transpose a complete score though, I mean like all channels and not just in one piano roll. Maybe there are some nice plugins to use on master bus? Please let me know.


  39. soter says:

    hold shift and 0.. when playlist is playing! its magic.....

  40. Ayal says:

    Thanks for the great tips!!!
    2 Qs:
    1. In your playlist pics, it seems the playlist is devided into upper set of patterns and a bottom one. How is it done? and what does it serve?
    2. If I want to rename current pattern the same name as the channel(instrument) name, How do I give it an Autoname? When I have multiple channels I hit "split by channel" but my case is a single one.

  41. 2ndMOUSE says:

    automate any 3rd party VST by clicking on its settings menu, and selecting "browse parameters", which will open a list in the browser. The last thing you tweaked will be highlighted in white, then right click and select "edit event", and draw in whatever curve you want

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  43. Unknown says:

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  44. Unknown says:

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  45. 111 says:

    Thanks a lot guys , btw I have a question , have someone ever used vinyl chords for example like this

  46. Unknown says:

    Very informative, check the link. Found alot of helpful things watching these tutorials. https://goo.gl/c2RrZu

  47. Anonymous says:

    http://eg4link.me/7TIY drum kit vst plugin free download

  48. Anonymous says:

    This "tip" is for begginers without any extra hardware (piano keyboard..) who are as stupid as me were for some years.
    In FPC (drum plugin), you can add your own samples of sounds into each pad button. Any pad can be routed into mixer and triggered even from pc keyboard (after learning FPC the keys)! So you can drum a whole set at once.

  49. GeezIs says:

    Make/ catch sounds great from the cut, before applying fxs. Channel window in FL is the way to go- shifting, etc.
    After years, I started using only one pattern. Play all right into it, so I have another "playlist" and the workflow suits me. Then, I dont use any fl plugin (only fpc and paraeq mixer inbuilt)Dont say you dont need them. You do. But they re not included in FL. Discover. But those few plugs can cost you more than a few XXXL FLs bundles :-D And yes, some of them you reallly want to use, if youre not owner of many different types of buildings or lands (reeverb) or havent shop selling time. AND! On master, max. comp, little rev, or eq, but only in very final, if its needed and helps the mix. They told the same things a long time ago and i didnt understood. But you walk that way and realize 4 yourself(in better case) :)
    Aaaand dynamic pads/ keyboard.
    All of this and a little bit of your attention AND freedom of mind is enough for one person to make real music, that sounds like if it is played by whole band on live( which cant be said about todays compositions, even if some played live, cause after squashed in studios..
    Be wise and dont get caught in the things THEY do.

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