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FL Studio Tutorial - Slice Your Beats With Fruity Slicer

Blckbxxx | 7:45 AM | 18 kommentarer

FL Studio Tutorial explaining the Fruity Slicer.

The Fruity Slicer is a neat little plugin for slicing (beat) samples/loops into segments that are independently playable from the Piano roll or a controller. With a little creativity you can achieve really cool results.

For example, in addition to slicing beat samples you can also use it to create stutter and other effects for vocals or to slice and re-arrange entire songs.

I will not be able to explain everything in a single tutorial, but I do hope that reading this article will inspire you to do something different next time and spice up your composition with the Fruity Slicer.

Fruity Slicer

You can add the Fruity Slicer plugin via the Channels menu in the Main Menu Bar.




Once you have added the Fruity Slicer, you can add a sample via the Load sample… option in the Sample menu. See below:




Browse to the sample of your choice and load it. For the purpose of this tutorial I will load a beat (dance) sample. Later I will load some vocal samples and even and entire song. But let’s not rush. First we need to understand some of the basics.




Note that you can also add a sample directly to the Fruity Slicer, by right-clicking the sample in the Browser and choosing Open in new Fruity Slicer channel. See below:




The sliced sample

Immediately after you load a sample, Fruity Slicer will slice it into segments (slices) and dump a score to the Piano Roll. See below:




To play the score in the Piano Roll, simply click the Play/Pause button on the Step Sequencer:




On the Fruity Slicer plugin, you can play each slice individually by selecting the slice in the slicer preview screen (1) and then clicking the slice in the slice properties view (2). Even simpler, you can right-click the slice in the slicer preview screen (1). See below:




You may now understand that you can program a completely new groove based on the individual slices. For example, have a look at the Piano Roll og the Fruity Slicer channel below:




You can see that each slice (from #1 to #8) is triggered by a different root note. Given this, I programmed a new beat pattern that uses the beats from the original sample. I suggest that you try this yourself. Load a sample and play around a bit with the individual slices and program a new beat.

Now, let’s talk a bit about how the Fruity Slicer determines where to slice the sample.

Fruity Slicer uses a beat detection algorithm to slice the sample into pieces so that you can play the beats independently in the Piano Roll. If the sample contains slice/region data, however, the sample will be sliced automatically without the use of the algorithm. Either way, it is possible to ajust the slicing afterwards. We can remove and split slices manually in the slice properties screen (2) or we can select a method to (re)slice the sample from the Beat slicer button.

Remove/split slices manually

You can remove and split slices by selecting the slice you want to remove or split in the slicer preview screen (1) and then right-clicking in the slice properties view (2). See below:




Removing a slice (e.g. the third slice in the example above) will have the following effect:




In other words, the third slice is merged with the second slice.

Now, adding a slice is done in a similar manner. Select the slice you want to split and then – in the slice properties window – right-click at the exact position where you want the slice to be split. In the menu choose Split slice.




Note that any change is automatically reflected in the Piano Roll as long as the Auto-Dump feature is enabled. See below:




Be careful with this. You may have programmed something cool in the Piano Roll, but any action in the Fruity Slicer plugin will immediately influence the Piano Roll pattern (and maybe completely reset it) if this option has been enabled.

Slicing via the Beat slicer menu

We can also let Fruity Slicer add slices using a specific method. This is done via one of the options in the Beat slicer menu. See below:




The first three options (Dull auto-slicing, Medium auto-slicing and Sharp auto-slicing) are the options for auto-slicing the sample with three predefined values for the slice thresholds (they affect how fine grained the sample is sliced). To understand this select each of the three options and look at the settings for the Low and High threshold knobs at the bottom of the plugin.




In the screenshot shown above I selected the Sharp auto-slicing option. As you can see, the Low and High threshold knobs have changed position (compared to the default Medium auto-slicing settings). Now, you can also affect the slicing yourself by simply turning the knobs. Doing this will immediately affect the slicing in the slicer preview screen.

The next five options (1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 beat and Beat) will divide the sample in beat quantized slices regardless of the content (beat detecting algorithm is not used). For instance, selecting 1/6 will have the following effect.



To remove all slices (no slicing) use the No slicing option.

Adjusting slices

Individual slices can also be adjusted via the pitch (1), time stretch (2), attack (3), decay (4) controls. See below:




Instead of explaining this in detail, I suggest you simply play around with these controls a bit and listen to the effect that they have. Try this in combination with the stretching method options in the Beat slicer menu (Fill gaps, Alternate fill gaps, etc.).

Naturally, the pitch is something that you will really need to use if you slice vocal samples (for example).

Adjusting the tempo

More often than not, you have a song with a specific bpm (beats per minute) and a sample with a different bpm. To adjust the bpm of the original sample, use the BPM/Beats controls on the Fruity Slicer plugin. See below:




Simply move your mouse over the control until it changes into a double arrow, then left-click and move the mouse up or down (holding down the mouse button).

Using the Fruity Slicer with vocal samples

Ok, I think we have come to the point where we should have some fun with a vocal sample (merely summing up menu options is a bit boring in the long run, isn’t it?). Also, it will further illustrate what you can achieve with the Fruity Slicer.

A cool vocal element in your composition can really spice up your song. For example, the repetative (stuttering) vocal effect (with optional delays and reverbs) is quite a common element. To illustrate how you can achieve something like this with the Fruity Slicer, I load the following vocal sample in the Fruity Slicer plugin:



Now, immediately upon loading, the sample is sliced (and dumped to the Piano Roll) as shown below:




Via the Dump beat to piano roll button we can re-arrange the pattern in the Piano Roll.



Try for example the Reverse, Random and Flatten options. They rearrange the pattern to play the slices in reversed order (Reverse), create a random pattern (a different pattern each time you select the Random option) and a flat pattern (Flatten) respectively. I guarantee you instant inspiration when you use those - and other - options in this menu. Of course, you can use those on beat samples as well and not only on vocal samples.

No matter how crazy it gets, you can always get back to the normal pattern by selecting the Normal option.

But I want to show you something different.

You can drag and drop indiviual slices onto the Step Sequencer. Simply select the slice you want to drag and drop in the Slice preview screen (1), left-click the slice in the Slice properties view (2) and drag (while you hold down the mouse button) the slice to your Step Sequencer (3). Release the mouse button when you are hovering over the Step Sequencer (4). See below:





What this does is create a new Audio channel with the slice as the sample. In the screenshot below you can see that I have dumped all six slices onto my Step Sequencer.




The cool thing about this is that I can assign each Audio channel to a different mixer track. This opens up a whole range of new possibilities, don’t you agree? To make a long story, a bit shorter, look at the Step Sequencer below:



In a matter of minutes I programmed my vocal patterns, effects, basic groove and a pad. After a bit more tuning, I came up with the following:



Ok, I know it is not a full blown composition, but I think you get my point. Slicing vocal samples using the Fruity Slicer and then dumping them onto the Step Sequencer gives you some really cool options.


Slicing and re-arranging an entire song

Now, what applies to a small loop/sample, applies to an entire song as well. In other words, you can load one of your existing compositions (e.g. in MP3 format) in the Fruity Slicer and re-arrange the different bits and pieces.

But I will save that for another tutorial.

That was all for this time! As always, there is much more to tell, but my main objective is to give you some new insights and inspiration, not to describe every little feature in detail. A second reason is that my eyes hurt. Anyway, happy composing and see you hopefully in the next tutorial :)

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18 kommentarer

  1. Anonymous says:

    siiiiick....ur my new mentor :) will be reading everything i can on this site i have massive potential to create music with fl just dont know how to use it propa yet...nice one... djmanix london

  2. Amazing post. thank you for sharing. Please tell me where did you get this amazing template?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I cant play your audio samples. Why?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also I have Ableton and I just got SliceX. Does SliceX have the same features like Slicer? The features I'm talking about is the 'Pitch', 'Stretch' 'Attack' 'Decay' and the 'Reverse'. 'Random' feature???

  5. Anonymous says:


    No Bro,

    Ableton's SliceX Is Different To Imageline's Slicer,

    Those're 2 Different Manufacturers & Developers,

    Which Means They Dont Use The Same Programming Effects & Plugins :)


  6. I really like Fruity Loops for the way it let you make music the simple way, i think it's a great way to teach any one who's learning how to make music, like the tutorial on the beat slicer will be using this more often now i know what it can actually do thanks www.soundofmusicmobiledisco.com

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  8. Unknown says:

    Great tutorial :)
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  12. Hi, thank you fo your article about slicing. At the end you talk about arranging the song and a future post... When do you think it will be possible to read it? ^^ That's exactly what i'm planning to do (by the discovering the software and searching tutorials on slicing, yours really really helped thank you)

    My humble contribution to the Fl community... I compiled the reference guide of the official website into a pdf, if it can help other beginners... ^^


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