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FL Studio Tutorials - Compose music with FL Studio

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fl studio tutorials
Welcome to Forbidden Fruity, the leading FL Studio Tutorials blog that aims at teaching you how to compose cool electronic music (dance, trance) with nothing more than your computer, FL Studio and a little creativity.

If you have a computer, enjoy listening to music and always thought that composing yourself was utopia, you arrived at the right place!

I suggest you check out the menu on the right. There are many fl studio tutorials ranging from simple to advanced. At the bottom of the list of fl studio tutorials you find some tutorials you could call the ‘getting started’ articles. They are specifically aimed at the beginner and will quickly set you up for some serious composing.

Another suggestion is to signup by following Subscribe in the menu. If you enter your email address you will receive my fl studio tutorials in your inbox automatically!
Happy composing and feel free to leave comments!

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FL Studio Tutorials - All fl studio tutorials are written by Marc Demar

4 kommentarer

  1. very very useful tutorials for digital music producers, best regards and thank you

  2. The 11th version of the software was released !

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