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MIDI and more at Midichords.com

Blckbxxx | 10:51 AM | 2 kommentarer

Free MIDI files, tutorials and composition competitions at Midichords.com

I launched a completely revamped version of the old Midichords.com site. The site has been developed from scratch and offers not only free, quality midi files but also mp3 previews, tutorials (on a separate blog) as well as Midi2MP3 composition compositions.

Guys (and girls), do me a favor and join the first special launch celebration competition. You can find all the info here.

Why would you join? For a couple of reasons. First of all, you can win a USD 99,- ImageLine gift certificate! Secondly, joining a competition definitely helps improving your skills. Especially on Midichords.com as I plan to ask those who win a competition to contribute to the site with short explanations on how the winning compositions were composed.

It is a fun and easy to join so I hope to see some of you on the site!


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2 kommentarer

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