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Win 5 Artist Series Sample DVD's from Loopmasters and one Patchworx pack from Plugin Boutique!

Blckbxxx | 11:16 AM | 25 kommentarer

Midichords.com has launched another Midi2MP3 composition competition and you can win  5 Artist Series Sample DVD's from Loopmasters and one Patchworx pack from Plugin Boutique.

The idea is quite simple. Signup at Midichords and go to the competition page (follow this link). Download the competition's midi pattern (a trance lead) and compose a track around it. It's quite an unusual competition (many competitions are about remixing a track), but a lot of fun. You are allowed to add groove, chords, melodies, automation, effects, you name it. As long as the melodic essence of the original pattern can still be heard, you can do anything you like.

You really do not have to be a pro to participate, so give it a try. After the upload period, visitors will be able to rate individual entries. The entry with the highest rating wins (naturally).


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25 kommentarer

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